Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Timely Tips Tuesday

I use Dryer balls.  I went for years seeing those little spikey blue dryer balls in the laundry section of the grocery store and wondered - do they really help? What good are they?

At a garage sale recently, I found a pair of beautiful, practically brand new dryer balls for 50 cents and picked them up. I was excited because these were on my grocery list for the week and now I'd just gotten them for one tenth the price! The lady selling them said she didn't like the noise. Huh. I can put up with the noise, myself.   If it means conserving energy and saving money, bring on a little banging around noise. Doesn't bother me.  (FYI, it's not that loud.)

I threw them in the dryer and there they've stayed doing their amazing little job of cutting the drying time by at least a third.  So instead of an hour to dry heavy stuff like towels and blue jeans (on high!) it takes anywhere from 30-40 minutes. For other laundry loads, even less.  These little balls work by breaking up the clumping that happens inside the drying process and allows more air to move freely between the wet items.

I mentioned how well they work to a neighbor and they said they use four balls with even greater results!  Now every garage sale I go to, I'm scouting for more of those blue balls! :)  Someday, I might break down and buy some new ones, but for now I'm content to wait out another garage sale or stay with my two.

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