Friday, May 2, 2014

Pardon Me :)

I have been mulling around some ideas to blog about. I have some goals and even a few plans, but have been so busy with life that I haven't known where to begin.  Then I feel I just do nothing. A definite weakness of mine, resulting in scant blog posts. To those who expect so much more from a blogger, I hope you'll pardon me for being a fickle blogger. 

I've also been writing a monthly newsletter for our homeschool group for the last year and a half. I want it to be a worthy read so I work really hard on it and give my all. Which translates to many long hours spent putting it together each month. After it's finished and published, I feel a bit drained and don't want to sit in front of a computer for a while. Thus it's dampened my blogging. But I just put the last issue to bed for the season and I feel like a weight's been lifted off my shoulders! Yay! :) (I'm considering passing the baton next year.) 

In the meantime, if any of you have a question for me or topic you'd like to see me blog about, let me know. 

Thanks for your patience...I'll be around soon!!  :-)


deniecebarnes said...

I totally understand what you are speaking that the kids are getting older and lessons have really picked up in our homeschool and co-op life gets busy. I myself do not expect anything from a blog why, because we are all in different seasons of live and we get busy. I take a long blogging break from September 2013 until April 2014. I was beginning to feel that I was obligated to post at least once a day because of all of my readers but our God let me know that less time blogging more time praying. I did read and comment on other blogs when I found time ( maybe about 30 minutes two days out of the week) but glad to have you back and to know your well, and when it's time to take another break well by gosh go ahead blessed my dear sister in Christ Jesus

Simply Keeping Home said...

DeNiece your kindness is always so touching. Thanks for sharing and understanding. I feel the same way and appreciate the encouragement to keep it real! God bless!

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