Saturday, May 10, 2014

What I'm Reading

Our family has been really enjoying Keith Green lately.  My husband and I had read the book about Keith's life, No Compromise, written by his wife Melody early in our marriage and we really enjoyed it. But it's been years and we couldn't find our copy, so we bought another, plus two more of his books.

One of the books are selected sermons by Keith (A Cry in the Wilderness) and the other is his personal journal (Make My Life a Prayer) both published posthumously. The journal is amazing. It begins from when he was searching for God and ends in blazing hot zeal as a born again Christian. A must read! Our sons devoured all three books and loved them. I, not having as much free time as they, have been slowly working my way through Make My Life a Prayer and WOW, has it been a blessing to me.  

I am so inspired and encouraged by Keith's heart and enthusiasm for serving and obeying the Lord. It is contagious! His personal reflections are so bare and honest. I have been so convicted to make MY life a prayer, too.

I'm so grateful for Keith and the short time he had on earth to spread the gospel and admonish believers to walk in truth and serve God every day.

His music is just as powerful and intense. I am really loving it. The style used to put me off, but the more I get to know the man behind the music, and more importantly his heart for God, the more his songs are music to my ears! So, so awesome!

Have a blessed day in Christ.


Anonymous said...

Keith Green was a major influence for Christ. His music inspired not only my walk, but my husband's and most of our entire church body back in the 80's. So happy to see God using Keith's example of faith ;o). Happy Mother's Day to you.

Simply Keeping Home said...

Thanks for sharing Eileen! What a blessing his ministry was/is!

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