Friday, May 13, 2011

Natural Supplements to Support Back Health

Since late April I have had consistent back pain and I'm getting concerned because it's never lasted this long.  Usually I have some back pain from the overabundant release Relaxin (hormone associated with pregnancy and menstruation) once a month.  But it has always subsided in a few days.  But this time, the pain has continued relentlessly like it's going for a gold medal. 

In my research, I have found some helpful information that is pointing toward a some helpful supplements that may remedy the problem.  One thing that I am going to start doing is taking large doses of fatty acids.  These have healing affects toward many areas of our bodies but I'm going to use them specifically for this back pain. 

One very key thing I'm learning about is inflammation. God created our bodies to respond to sickness or disease by becoming inflamed.  A sprained ankle will swell or become inflamed and it's visible so we treat it.  Internal inflammation is not something we can see or know about unless we get blood tests.  We, like many other Americans, cannot afford medical insurance at present, so I'm not able to go out and get some tests. But I can listen to my body and learn!

 I found some very helpful information here that I am going to implement into my supplement schedule and hopefully get on the road to recovery quickly.  Back pain can be so debilitating and I have way too much to do in life to be debilitated! J

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