Friday, May 6, 2011

A Peek Into Our Day

Today started at 5:30am. My husband had a remodel job that started at 7 o'clock so I got up to prepare his coffee and breakfast and spend some time with him before he left.  I made a German Apple Pancake for breakfast which I prepared the ingredients for last night. It is soooo good.  If you've never tried making this, it's really worth the effort.  And delicious with coffee.

Today is our free/fun day so the kids and I worked on what they would do on Presentation Day with our homeschool group this coming Tuesday. (In case you're unfamiliar with it, presentation day is just when homeschoolers get together [we meet at the library] so our children can present something they have learned to an audience of their peers and parents.)  Since the theme this month is music, our sons decided they'd like to sing "How Magjestic Is Your Name" with my older son's guitar accompaniement. 

Later this morning I remembered that today was the $1 dollar ice skating day and emailed some homeschooling friends inviting them to join us there after lunch. It was short notice, so we may not see anyone we know there, but we're looking forward to it anyway. 

Tonight is our family pizza and movie night and I've already prepared the poolish for the pizza dough. I'm looking forward to trying out the organic fire roasted crushed tomatoes I bought yesterday for the sauce - should be yummy.  I'll try to post my awesome pizza crust recipe tomorrow - tastes like a brick oven pizza!
Tonight we're watching The Yearling with Jane Wyman and Gregory Peck.

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